20 years - 2 countries - 28 experts - 1309 customers


We want to be the preferred partner for Healthcare and Life Sciences actors for world-class innovative digital solutions that improve quality of life and empower patients.


We improve the quality of life via our innovative digital solutions.
We do this by partnering and co-innovating with Healthcare and Life Sciences actors enabling them to
- interact with their target groups,
- streamline their processes and,
- get most out of their data,
while managing cost, risk, and compliance.

Advanced Quality Assurance

We follow the IT industry best practices and are ISO 27001 certified.
We can guarantee compliance with regulatory and security requirements for Health and Pharma.

Challenge and advise

We understand your business and guide you towards better results.
We believe co-innovation is the driving force behind a fruitful partnership.

Total solution provider

We provide all the services to make your web project a success.
From defining yor needs, to hosting and post-launch support, we’ve got it all covered.

Focus on long term partnership

We strive to be a caring partner who, solves problems and takes your worries away.
You can count on us for continuity, avaibility and security.

Company values

Flexibility as an attitude
Pursue excellence by continuous improvement
Succeed as a team
A pleasure to collaborate with
Integrity is in our DNA

International team of experts

We are a diverse, multi-discipline team located in Belgium and Latvia.
Each expert brings valuable skillsets to the table to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Tailored solutions

We utilise our expertise and experience to carefully fit the technology around your needs.
You will be assured through continuous feedback that our proposed solution still fits.

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