Dedicated servers

With a dedicated server solution you will have an exclusive server, devoted only to your Web site(s) or web application(s), increasing performance and security.

A dedicated server is the best solution for:

  • High traffic web sites (portal websites, etc...)
  • CPU intensive web applications (i.e. online shopping, database backend, etc..)
  • Extra sensitive information storage (medical, financial, etc...)
  • Custom hardware and software needs

Dedicated servers can be collocated, full managed or self managed

Collocated dedicated server (Collocation Only)

You bring your own server and use our datacenter to benefit from security, power backup and fast internet connection. You are the owner of the hardware. UniWeb is responsible for the power supply, cooling, switches, routers and bandwidth.

Collocation starts at 95 EUR/month. Read more.

Self managed dedicated server

UniWeb is responsible for the server hardware, connectivity, bandwidth, redundant power, cooling, shared firewall, switches and routers. You are in charge of the operating system and all installed applications. You are allowed 'root' or 'admin' access to the server.

If you accidentally or otherwise damage the Operating System or any other installed applications, you can fix it or we can fix it for you for a fee.

Full Managed dedicated server

We take care of everything except the data. You are not allowed 'root' or 'admin' access to the server. Your access is limited to either FTP or authoring tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Visual Interdev, FrontPage,... If the operating system (OS), any installed software or hardware fail, we fix it for free.

We are responsible for the OS, all installed applications, security patches, service packs, server hardware, redundant power, cooling, switches, routers and bandwidth.

In addition, all our managed hosting solutions include our Network Backup Service, which has a value of 9 per month.

Who is responsible for what?

Server hardware Collocation only Self managed Full managed

Customer UniWeb UniWeb
Server setup & maintenance
Collocation only Self managed Full managed
Operating system
Customer Customer UniWeb
Root access
Customer Customer UniWeb
Software installation Customer Customer UniWeb
Security updates Customer Customer UniWeb
Backups Customer Customer UniWeb
Data on server Customer Customer Customer
Network & power supply
Collocation only Self managed Full managed
Shared firewall
UniWeb UniWeb UniWeb
Power supply & ups
UniWeb UniWeb UniWeb
Network management & routers
UniWeb UniWeb UniWeb
Connectivity & bandwith
UniWeb UniWeb UniWeb

Managed services that we offer are:

Network/Server Monitoring

Your server will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitored services includes FTP, HTTP, MySQL, POP and SMTP.

Software Installation

Server side software will be kept up-to-date. We will install any extra software requested by the client, such as Perl modules, upon request.


We also install security patches as soon as they are released to keep your servers protected from hackers.


Daily backups are conducted on all of our servers to prevent data loss. We can offer daily incrementals with weekly full backups or daily full backups

Server collocation

Collocation is a cost effective way to benefit from an affordable fast ethernet connection in a professional and highly secured environment with power backup and access control.

Collocation means that you rent rack space and connectivity and house your own servers in our secure data center. You are fully responsible for managing the collocated servers however and any additional interventions by UniWeb will be charged with an extra cost. You are the sole responsible for the hardware and the software used on the collocated server(s).

When you have your own servers and maintenance personnel, collocation is recommended over locating the servers within your company because it gives you the additional advantage of high speed connectivity, power and a firewall for a lower price. It is therefore more cost-effective to colocate your servers.

Management Services included

Our highly skilled staff can perform the following tasks with no additional cost:

  • Connectivity
    Your servers will be connected to the Internet through fast connections with the major European backbones. This guarantees a high speed file transfer.
  • Power supply
    UniWeb provides the power for your server, as well as backup power facilities to guarantee 99.90 % uptime.
  • Network Availability Monitoring
    Verifies that your systems are available at all times on the UniWeb network. Notifications are sent to you and the UniWeb Network Operations Center is alerted if a system is not available.
  • Remote Power Switch
    Allows you to remotely switch the power (on/off) of your equipment through a secure Web interface.
  • Bandwidth or traffic Monitoring
    UniWeb helps you maintain the optimum traffic or bandwidth for your Web presence by monitoring your utilization and providing you with reports via a secure Web interface.
  • Use our shared or a separate firewall (optional)
    You have the option to use a separate or a shared UniWeb firewall to protect your collocated server(s)