E-mail services
License and technology UniWeb open source
Storage flexible
POP3 check
IMAP check
Unlimited aliases check
Unlimited forwardings check
Multidomains check
Web based configuration panel check
Web based e-mail check
Vacation message check
Catch all mailbox check
Anti-virus filtering inbound mail
Anti-spam inbound mail
Mail Archieving Optional

Anti-spam and Anti-virus option

The anti-virus functionality will scan all incoming e-mail for known viruses. The virus definitions are updated on a daily basis.

E-mails containing a virus will be deleted automatically.

The antispam functionality will score all incoming e-mail based on fixed rules. For each mailbox the anti spam feature can be tuned (5 levels) and a friends/blacklist is available. E-mails scored as spam will remain in your mailbox but a SPAM notification message is prepended to the subject of the e-mail.